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Buying a New Car Like a Commodity


The vast majority of new cars sold are essentially commodities–produced in large volume and widely available. You can buy your next Ford F-series truck or Toyota Camry from any of the 3,000 plus Ford dealerships, or 1,200 plus Toyota dealerships, respectively. But you don’t need to deal with thousands of dealerships to make commodity buying work for you. In fact, seven to ten is all you need.

In the past, it’s been difficult to shop for a new car using commodity buying methods. The hassle of driving from one dealer to the next to get written quotes usually outweighed the benefit. However, now with ease of electronic communication, and dealers’ recognition of the market potential, a single e-mail is all it takes.

Buying a new car like a commodity is easy. And as a bonus, you get to eliminate the hassle of negotiation, avoid the costs of brokers and buying services (both in fees and higher prices), and do it all from the comfort of your home or mobile device!

Here are the principles:

  • Prepare for an immediate purchase. Select your model and trim, take a test drive, and get a preapproved loan–all before you contact the dealers by e-mail. Immediate buyers save dealers money, and savvy, successful dealers use that fact to be more competitive. Competition saves you money!
  • Obtain best-price quotes from multiple dealers. Write one e-mail and send personalized copies to seven to ten dealers. Request a bottom-line, best-price, nonnegotiable quote. Dealers start with their best price or risk losing your business. You avoid the hassle of negotiations.
  • Select and contact the winner.

It really is that simple!

You can also keep the lid on your total cost by avoiding costly add-ons like extended service contracts. According to a February 2014 article from Consumer Reports, “… the odds are you’ll never need the coverage, and even if you do, the money you’ll save in repairs won’t come close to what you paid for the added warranty.” With profit margins of 100% or more, add-ons can really drive up your total cost.

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Happy Shopping!